Volume 36, Series B, Number 3, September  2021



317 Numerical solution of stochastic Itˆo-Volterra integral equations based on Bernstein multi-scaling polynomials
A. R. Yaghoobnia    M. Khodabin    R. Ezzati
330 Fractal interpolation: a sequential approach
N. Vijender    M. A. Navascues
342 On complete convergence in Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund type SLLN for random variables
Anna Kuczmaszewska    YAN Ji-gao
354 Laguerre reproducing kernel method in Hilbert spaces for unsteady stagnation point flow over a stretching/shrinking sheet
M. R. Foroutan    A. S. Gholizadeh    Sh. Najafzadeh    R. H. Haghi
370 A multiplicative Gauss-Newton minimization algorithm: theory and application to exponential functions
Anmol Gupta    Sanjay Kumar
390 On a new fractional-order Logistic model with feedback control
Manh Tuan Hoang    A. M. Nagy
403 Degree sum conditions for hamiltonian index
LIU Ze-meng    XIONG Li-ming
412 The rate of convergence on fractional power dissipative operator on some sobolev type spaces
CAO Zhen-bin    WANG Meng
420 Fractional sum and fractional difference on non-uniform lattices and analogue of Euler and Cauchy Beta formulas
CHENG Jin-fa
443 Quantile inference for nonstationary processes with infinite variance innovations
LIU Qi-meng    LIAO Gui-li    ZHANG Rong-mao
462 Weak optimal inverse problems of interval linear programming based on KKT conditions
LIU Xiao    JIANG Tao    LI Hao-hao