Volume 36, Series B, Number 4, December  2021



475 Variable selection for skew-normal mixture of joint location and scale models
WU Liu-cang    YANG Song-qin    TAO Ye
492 Couple stress nano uid ow through a bifurcated artery | Application of catheterization process
KM Surabhi    Arpitha Ravikanti    D. Srikanth    D. Srinivasacharya
512 The CUSUM statistic of change point under NA sequences
LING Jin    LI Xiao-qin    YANG Wen-zhi    JIAO Jian-ling
521 Fuzzy Zorn's lemma with applications
XIN Xiao-long    FU Yu-long
537 Refined rigorous perturbation bounds for the SR decomposition
Mahvish Samar    Aamir Farooq
554 Exact solutions of conformable time fractional Zoomeron equation via IBSEFM
Ulviye Demirbilek    Volkan Ala    Khanlar R. Mamedov
564 Classification and existence of positive entire k-convex radial solutions for generalized  nonlinear k-Hessian system
ZHANG Li-hong    YANG Ze-dong    WANG Guo-tao    Mohammad M. Rashidi
583 Z-control on dynamics of pollution-allergy model
Nita H. Shah   Ankush H. Suthar    Moksha H. Satia    Ekta N. Jayswal     Foram A. Thakkar
599 Image of polynomials under generalized Sz asz operators
Pooja Gupta    Mangey Ram    Ramu Dubey
611 Gompertz PSO variants for Knapsack and Multi-Knapsack Problems
Pinkey Chauhan    Millie Pant    Kusum Deep