Volume 37, Series B, Number 2, June 2022



159 Unilateral global interval bifurcation for problem with mean curvature operator in Minkowski space and its applications
SHEN Wen-guo
177 On ideal convergence of double sequences in 2–fuzzy n–normed linear space
Vakeel A. Khan     Sameera A.A. Abdullah     Kamal M.A.S. Alshlool     Umme Tuba     Nazneen Khan
187 Zero-inflated non-central negative binomial distribution
TIAN Wei-zhong     LIU Ting-ting     YANG Yao-ting
199 Modified approximation and error estimation for King’s type (p; q)-BBH operators
M. Mursaleen     Mohd. Ahasan     Asif Khan
213 Ideal cotorsion pairs over one point extensions
ZHU Hai-yan     DU Ben-jun     WANG Qi-kai
228 Existence and uniqueness of S-asymptotically periodic -mild solutions for neutral fractional delayed evolution equation
WEI Mei     LI Qiang
246 Nearly nonstationary processes under infinite variance GARCH noises
ZHANG Rong-mao     LIU Qi-meng     SHI Jian-hua
258 Rotary axis calculation for five-axis FDM printer using a point-fitting optimization method
LIU Hao     LIU Lei     SHEN Kai
272 The convergence rate and necessary-and-sufficient condition for the consistency of isogeometric collocation method
LIN Hong-wei     XIONG Yun-yang     HU Hui     YAN Jia-cong     HU Qian-qian
290 Facial landmark disentangled network with variational autoencoder
LIANG Sen     ZHOU Zhi-ze     GUO Yu-dong     GAO Xuan     ZHANG Ju-yong     BAO Hu-jun
306 Convergence analysis for delay Volterra integral equation
ZHENG Wei-shan