Volume 36, Series B, Number 1, March 2021



1 Stability results for a nonlinear two-species competition model with size-structure
LIU Yan      HE Ze-rong
16  Martingale method for optimal investment and proportional reinsurance
 LIU Shuang-sui        GUO Wen-jing        TONG Xin-le
31  Counterparty risk valuation on credit-linked notes under a Markov Chain framework
 JIANG Ting-ting        QIAN Xiao-song        George Xian-zhi Yuan
51 Global asymptotical stability in a rational difference equation
LI Xian-yi       LI Wei
60 Heteroscedastic Laplace mixture of experts regression models and applications
WU Liu-cang       ZHANG Shu-yu        LI Shuang-shuang
70 Existence and exponential stability of almost-periodic solutions for MAM neural network with distributed delays on time scales
GAO Jin        WANG Qi-ru        LIN Yuan
83 Numerical solutions of two-dimensional nonlinear integral equations via Laguerre Wavelet method with convergence analysis
K. Maleknejad       M. Soleiman Dehkordi
99 Log-logistic parameters estimation using moving extremes ranked set sampling design
HE Xiao-fang        CHEN Wang-xue        YANG Rui
114 Analysis method and algorithm design of biological sequence problem based on generalized k-mer vector
LIU Wen-li        WU Qing-biao
128  Tracy-Widom distribution, Airy_2  process and its sample path properties
SU Zhong-gen        LEI Yu-huan        SHEN Tian