Self-recommended reviewer
  • Applied Mathematics-A Journal of Chinese Universities
  • Self-recommended reviewer

Dear teacher:


We are honored that you have applied to be a reviewer for our journal.


The basic requirements of our journal for reviewers are as follows:

1 Associate Professor (or equivalent) or above.

2 Active in the front line of scientific research.

3 Review 4-10 manuscripts per year for the journal, with a review cycle of 3 weeks.

4 We review manuscripts objectively, fairly, impartially and meticulously with the attitude of being responsible for authors and knowledge.


The journal adopts a "single-blind" approach for peer review. Authors are shielded from reviewers. The editorial board will pay for your manuscript review costs. Therefore, it is necessary that your mailing address information is detailed and accurate.


Thank you for your interest in our journal. After your information is submitted successfully, the editorial team will contact you and send you a manuscript that fits your research direction for review.